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The girl pressed the A button on her 3DS quite easily, her brown eyes glittering with amusement as the small pixelated sprite of the girl character in the game kneeled down to “save the game.” Saving... Do not turn off the power. A little bell rang as the character from the Pokemon game, White 2, finished saving. After hours of pushing her to work, the character stood in the light of the Pokemon World Tournament building, just finished with the Kanto Leaders tournament. As the music for the area played in the background, a fanfare of drums and trumpets, the girl pressed the X button to open up the screen which held all the options of viewing her team, the PokÚdex, her bag, the trainer card, saving, and the options/settings. The girl then lightly pressed the Pokemon button, the screen of her team appearing before her eyes. Aiden, lv. 73; Lapis, lv. 72; Ryuu, lv. 75; Reyna, lv. 74; Rose, lv. 74; and Aura, lv. 77. All the sprites of the Pokemon moved seemingly to the beat before the girl pressed the B button to exit out. She then held her finger on the power button, waiting three or four seconds before the screen of the 3DS went black.

Darkness. Silence.

The character looked up from her position from her currently saved spot, feeling the sudden force of the game device closing. She felt exhausted as if the life from her small electronic body was drained out. Then there was another jolt, the ground beneath her moving as the 3DS was pushed over the desk. The character felt a surge of energy, the sweat running down the sides of her face slowly evaporating into the virtual space around her. She must have plugged the charger in, the character thought. Seeing how there was nothing better to do, the character moved from the single spot of light and ventured around the area. She went around this place enough to know it well, but it still intrigued her to do this another time when her game file was dorimant. The character’s eyes saw the frozen figures of the NPCs she shared her world with; Cheren, Clay, and Blaine sitting in a row of three chairs across from three other chairs. It was always like this, being alone with the unmoving sprites of other characters; she was always alone from the first day her game was bought and started.

Some barrier always kept her from actually speaking however, the character could never understand why. She could think, move, walk, but she couldn’t talk. Shrugging the feeling of unease away, the character exited the PWT building and entered Driftveil city. Colourful lights flashed on the screen of the building above her head, and the character continued to walk along the green and blue tiled walk. She headed west, passing the Move Deleter’s booth, the Hidden Power booth, and the woman who retaught moves to your Pokemon booth. She paused before turning north, and up towards the gate that led the to actual city part of Driftveil. The character went towards the gate and through it, passing the colourful stairs of the exit. She stood barely under the hood of the gate, rain pouring down on the city with a gentle yet rising pattern. Passing all the frozen NPCs, the girl headed up the path and turned right, then resumed going up the main walk of the city. There she then headed towards Route 6, but froze. There, before her, stood a long green haired male; someone you wouldn’t see around so very often. He was wearing a black and white based outfit with tan brown paints and a golden cube resting at his side. He had a very casual air to him, but as he turned, his eyes flashed with a dangerous glint. The character flinched and took a step back. N... she thought, panic soon filling her mind. Why is he here? All the NPCs are frozen-- The male smiled ever so slightly, his calm and bubbly personality smudging the brief shock around her.

“Oh hello there, Juli.” he said, stating the character’s name as if they were real people; not some two sprites in a child’s video game. “Strange to see me isn’t it?” A ghost of the strange aura passed over his face, his eyes narrowing. N took a step closer to the character, the cube glowing a faint washed out gold colour. He raised a hand and placed it on her face, the edges of the character’s vision blurring ever so slightly with black petals peeling itself from the pixels that formed their world; leaving the spaces grey and colourless.

“Game... over.”

That was all said before she screamed, the world around her crumbling into ashes and pixelated dust. My file... Don’t; please, don’t--

There’s already a saved game file. Are you sure you want to start a new adventure anyway?
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Saving... Do not turn off the power.
Mei, N, Cheren, Blaine, Clay & NPCs (c) Pokemon, Nintendo
Story was written by me.
Picture was found on deivantART.

Just a story I wanted to write based on this question: Once you turn off the game and push it aside, what does the character do when it is not being active?

Its not one of the best stories I've written, but at least I tried. : P
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LucrativeFame Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
You actually used that picture.

Oh well.

I like this though; gives me something to think about.

StormCharmander Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
.... xD

I couldn't find a better picture. ;~;
Manothechameloen Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm starting to feel bad for my character now
StormCharmander Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't D:
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